Freelance reporting, feature writing and copywriting

is a network of freelance journalists writing on European, and especially European Union, affairs. Network members work independently for a range of media, and serves as a platform for their work.

We provide reporting, features and analysis on EU and European affairs, and put our knowledge to use in a range of other situations: editorial services, fixing for TV reporting, translation and copy editing, research and report writing, photography and training. journalists: Stephen GardnerKatharina StrobelMichael Standaert journalists have worked for a wide range of clients across the world:

BBC • • The Bulletin (Brussels) • Bloomberg BNA • Central Europe Review • Christian Science Monitor • • Deutsche Welle • • e-Forum • Ethical Corporation • EU Observer • European Commission • European Voice • • Far Eastern Economic Review • Government Computing • • • LA Times • Media First • Metal Bulletin • Moscow Times • Newropeans Magazine • • Newtopia Magazine • New York Post • New York Times • nth • Parliament Magazine • Portfolio • Post Magazine (UK) • Private Eye • Reason Magazine • • San Francisco Chronicle • South China Morning Post (Hong Kong) • Spiked-Online • Tech Central Station • Wall Street Journal Europe • Washington Times

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