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ChipThe British Conservative party, the main opposition to the governing Labour Party, has written to the main IT vendors involved in developing the UK electronic identity card telling them that the eID scheme will be scrapped, should the Conservatives form the next British government, writes Stephen Gardner.

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India is to establish a system of unique identity numbers for all residents of the country, according to reports from the Indo-Asian News Service. The scheme could be the basis of a future electronic identity system for the 1.2 billion people of India, writes Stephen Gardner.

Read more ... has highlighted before the sometimes extraordinary steps taken by the EU Council to create, in Brussels-speak, a “European area of justice, freedom and security,” or in ordinary language, an area of snooping and monitoring, writes Stephen Gardner.

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European thinking about e-government has changed since the heady days when the priority was to e-enable existing services as quickly as possible. “There was a bit of hype during that period,” says Manuel Baptista, a consultant working on the European Commission’s eGovernment Observatory. “It was a new frontier. There was a big policy objective that we would move to a new era of e-government.”

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